Quality Meats

Stewart's Marketplace Produce Department features a wide variety of fresh produce including locally grown Utah fruits and vegetables, organic produce, and There was a time when you could walk into your local butcher's shop and find a perfect, beautiful steak, cut that very morning with you in mind because the butcher (who knows you by name) figured you'd be in looking for something like that for dinner tonight.

Do you think that doesn't happen anymore?

The meat expert standing behind the counter at Stewart's Marketplace is prepared to serve you in whatever way they can from specialty cuts to freezer packs. We are here to serve you. We are also here to give out cooking tips and sage advice that only a real, experienced butcher can provide.

At Stewart's Marketplace, our Meat Department is about quality, freshness and caring. Farmers and ranchers caring about the welfare of the animal, processors caring about the quality of the product, and our butcher caring about you. From our fresh ground beef to our tumbled meats, our famous roast beef and everything in between - you'll find the highest quality and best tasting meat around.

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